About Joan

Hello, my name is Joan Avant-Rossi. I am a classically trained violinist from Texas, and hold two music degrees from the University of North Texas. (B.M. in Music History and Literature with a minor in Theory, M.A. in Musicology with a minor in German). At the university I studied violin with Julia Bushkova and (Baroque violin) with Cynthia Roberts. I have been a member of the performing groups such as the UNT Symphony Orchestra, UNT Chamber Orchestra, Collegium (Baroque Orchestra), Jazz Strings, Denton Chamber Orchestra, the Flower Mound Chamber Orchestra, and the South Indian Ensemble. I also did string luthier work with Mike Sheriff in Arlington, TX. And on the technology spectrum, I use Sibelius 5 for composing and educational purposes.

I have been playing violin for 25 years; I started when I was 11, so I'll let you do the math on how old I am. I've been teaching professionally for 9 years here in the Lakewood area of Dallas, Texas. My personal favorite areas of classical music are opera and 20th century Minimalism. I of course have a soft spot for the Romantic period. Where would we be without Tchaikovsky, Brahms, and Mahler? We would still be in the Classical period, (for you history buffs). Nevertheless I do not discriminate about "classical" music in general. The violin is a beautiful instrument that has changed so much stylistically throughout the ages, yet it always has its signature weeping tone. However I believe that violin lessons should NEVER bring about weeping but rather the enjoyment from learning. I know from experience that the happier student plays better. So that is what I am here to offer, the enjoyment and enrichment of playing a musical instrument.